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My first exhibition in Berlin. 

I met Frank, he is an artist from DRY AGENCY. We worked together

doing a cover art for Metadata (musician). The work took place at my home/studio so he was able to take look of what I have been painting during 2020. He inmediately invited me to share my art at his place.

I selected part of my works trying to find the best way to show what Im seeing. 3ER means SEE. I composed a 16 minutes soundtrack, first time I found the time/space to convined sounds and visuals. 

My idea was to immerse the viewer in a trance, to change the frequency of what is happening outside and to be able to connect with our inner world. 
I also adapted the format to the restrictions needed to make a show in covid-19 moments.  Then, the spectator had a certain time to see the works. 
More than 70 people visited the exhibition and the return was something very beautiful. I could feel how a sense of gratitude was generated throughout the day. Thank you for coming.




El péndulo, Gabelle / Tiempo / Direcciones / Runa / El círculo, hoy / Memorias de un astral

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