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curated by Peim van der Sloot and Marnix Postma

I was not in the mood to show what I had accomplished in my last month of residence in Amsterdam. My first European winter, changing cities for 8 months and my lack of planning had triggered a deep instropection. December was a month where I could only study psychology and listen to Brazilian music. In this environment I took full advantage of every creative impulse and without any plan I devoted myself to develop an experimental technique in screen printing. From there came 3 different walks showing the process, 13 steps. 

The end of the year came and I met Marnix and Peim to talk about the work I had done and the party they were preparing in the De Bouwput gallery. The three of us agreed that it would be a good place to unify. 
Once we had reached an agreement, I placed all the prints on the floor of the gallery and after a couple of hours everything was set up on the left wall. 


I will always be grateful to have met these two beings. Two great friends!



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