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Two months before leaving Buenos Aires.

I met Pablo once a week to activate the distribution of organic fruits and vegetables in the Recoleta neighbourhood. Pablo knew I would leave soon and always encouraged me with my art and suggested to organize a meeting before I leave. After a couple of weeks the meeting was becoming my first show: HOY.
The exhibition took place in an old house that had been a German teaching institute. Nowadays it is uninhabited and for sale. Pablo is the landlord. 
We met together a week before the show to let the house in conditions. We spent this week sharing talks, mates, rubble and art, so  we forged a great friendship.

The exhibition included 9 paintings, 6 large-scale prints, my first silkscreen, visuals and music.
I knew I was going to show in Buenos Aires before I left, I spent time thinking about how, until I decided to dedicate my days to what I wanted to show, I decided to live HOY.
I finished painting the last piece on the day of the show.

I thank all my friends who participated, especially Tomás and León Reggiani. 

HOY is forever 


30  03  2019
 3    3     3                                                            ÊTRE


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